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Juliet DeLuca hates three things: employee complaints, copy edits, and Hunter Jackson.

Now she gets to juggle all three simultaneously. 

Juliet works as the Human Resources Manager of Theobald & Bissel Publishing, moonlighting as the unknown Azra Ryans, bestselling romance novelist. With her manuscript deadline approaching, her twin brother's destination wedding around the corner, and her assistant going on maternity leave, Juliet is blindsided when the temp assigned is none other than Hunter - her archrival from childhood. The only thing he's managed to do in thirteen years is get hotter and learn to melt panties with a single glance.

To her shock, Hunter seems hellbent on testing the company's strict non-fraternization policy when he sets his panty-melting stare on her. Juliet must douse the sparks flying between them before the whole thing goes up in her face. And guess who received a last-minute invite to the wedding?

Whatever happens, one thing is certain. It's going to be a nightmare.

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