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About the Author/Illustrator

- Rosemarie Dillon, Author/Illustrator -

Rosemarie was always fascinated by the written word. How effortlessly one could be transported to a different world with the flick of a page.  She craved books almost as much as tacos.  Her head was constantly filled with dragons, fantasy, and romance.


One day something magical happened, she had a little girl. Her entire world view had shifted to this tiny little human, which she was suddenly responsible for. Upon her growing love for her daughter, something else had materialized. She wanted to write for her daughter. She meshed her drawing hobby with her long time writing passion and created her first children's book...and her daughter loved it.


Hearing her two year old repeat her words back to her with every turn of the page lit a fire in Rosemarie's belly. Each new memory she created with her daughter spawned a new children's book idea. 


She is currently working on an adult novel as well as new children's books.

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